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by The organizers - last update 21 September 2011

An International Colloquium on
’Fundamental Problems of Turbulence:
50 years after the Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 1961’

will be held at

the ’Centre International de Rencontres Mathematiques’ (CIRM)
from 26th to 30th September 2011
in Marseille (France)

The aim is to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Colloquium on Turbulence, which was organized in Marseille by Alexandre Favre in September 1961 for the inauguration of the ’Institut de Mécanique Statistique de la Turbulence’ (IMST). It was attended by outstanding luminaries of the subject: Kolmogorov, Yaglom, von Karman, G.I.Taylor, Liepmann, Laufer, Corrsin, Batchelor, Kovasznay, Kraichnan, and many others. Key problems were identified and presented during review lectures given by few invited speakers, followed by extended open discussions. This Colloquium has led to the development of research areas that are still very much alive to this day.

The Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 2011 (TCM2011) will be organised on the same pattern and adopt a similar long-range perspective. Its goal is to assess the achievements of the last 50 years of turbulence research and to identify future challenges that still remain. There will be seven sessions, each devoted to a generic type of turbulent flow, together with three sessions, a recollection of the 1961 Colloquium, a presentation of the mathematics to study turbulence and a final session to discuss new ideas and perspectives.

On the pattern of the Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 1961 (TCM1961), nine speakers have been invited to write and present review lectures describing the state of the art in turbulence research. Each session will begin with a review lecture, followed by poster and oral presentations, and concluded by a one-hour open discussion led by the presidents and written down by the scientific secretaries of the session as done for the 1961 Colloquium.

The review lectures and the posters, together with any papers, ideas and videos that participants would like to discuss, could be uploaded on the personal space provided to each participant on the Colloquium’s website, if possible before September 15th 2011.

The participants will thus be able to consult those documents before coming to Marseille and leave their comments on the website, which hopefully will be the seeds for fruitful discussions during the colloquium.

CIRM is a pleasant place, located just above the famous Calanques of Marseille, on the Mediterranean sea. As it is a small place, the attendance is limited to 80 participants. For more information see --->

To download the poster of the Marseille Turbulence Colloquium 2011 click here

The organizers :
Marie Farge, Keith Moffatt, Kai Schneider
(Paris, Cambridge, Marseille)