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Review lectures

by The organizers - last update 9 November 2011

Monday, September 26th 2011

Homogeneous Turbulence and Flow Structure

Review lecturer: Keith Moffatt (review - pdf)

Shear and Wake Flow Turbulence

Review lecturers: Garry Brown and Anatol Roshko (review - pdf)

Tuesday, September 27th 2011

Pipe and Channel Flow Turbulence

Review lecturer: John Kim (review - pdf)

Boundary Layer Turbulence

Review lecturer: James Wallace (review - pdf)

The Turbulence Colloquium of Marseille 1961 (TCM1961)

Review lecturer: Michael Eckert (review - pdf)

Wednesday, September 28th 2011

Turbulent Stirring and Mixing

Review lecturer: Katepalli Sreenivasan (review - pdf)

Mathematics for Turbulence

Review lecturer: Claude Bardos (review - pdf)

Thursday, September 29th 2011

Geophysical Turbulence

Review lecturer: Roddam Narasimha (review - pdf)

Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Turbulence

Review lecturers: Bill Matthaeus and David Montgomery (review - pdf)

Review lectures - Claude Bardos - 286.6 kb

Review lectures - Keith Moffatt - 197.8 kb

Review lectures - Michael Eckert - 386.4 kb

Review lectures - John Kim - 3.4 Mb

Review lectures - Jim Wallace - 15 Mb

Review lectures - Roddam Narasimha - 48 kb

Review lectures - Garry Brown and Anatol Roshko - 2.6 Mb