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by The organizers - last update 8 December 2011


Final version, September 25th 2011

Honorary presidents:
Michel Coantic, Ed Spiegel, Tomomasa Tatsumi and Brian Taylor

Marie Farge, Keith Moffatt and Kai Schneider

Sunday, September 25th 2011

6-9 p.m. Welcome

Monday, September 26th 2011

9-12 a.m. Session 1:
Homogeneous Turbulence and Flow Structure (final report)

Review lecturer: Keith Moffatt (review)
Presidents: Toshiyuki Gotoh and Fazle Hussain
Scientific secretaries: Wouter Bos and Michael Wilczek

3-6 p.m. Session 2:
Shear and Wake Flow Turbulence (final report)

Review lecturers: Garry Brown and Anatol Roshko (review)
Presidents: Robert Antonia and Charles Williamson
Scientific secretaries: Dmitry Kolomenskiy and Paulo Luzzatto-Fegiz

6-7 p.m. Get Together Aperitif

Tuesday, September 27th 2011

9-12 a.m. Session 3:
Pipe and Channel Flow Turbulence

Review lecturer: John Kim (review)
Presidents: Bruno Eckhardt and Zhen-Su She
Scientific secretary: Paulo Luzzatto-Fegiz

3-6 p.m. Session 4:
Boundary Layer Turbulence (final report)

Review lecturer: James Wallace (review)
Presidents: Javier Jimenez and Beverley McKeon
Scientific secretaries: Sedat Tardu and Michael Wilczek

9-11 p.m. Historical session:
The Turbulence Colloquium of Marseille 1961 (TCM1961) (final report)

Review lecturer: Michael Eckert (review)
Presidents: Fabien Anselmet, Patrick Bontoux and Jean-Paul Dussauge
Scientific secretaries: Philip Schäfer and Antoine Venaille

Wednesday, September 28th 2011

9-12 a.m. Session 5:
Turbulent Stirring and Mixing

Review lecturer: Katepalli Sreenivasan (review)
Presidents: Rahul Pandit and Norbert Peters
Scientific secretaries: Samriddhi Ray and Philip Schäfer

3-6 p.m. Boat Trip to Calanques

9-11 p.m. Mathematical session:
Mathematics for Turbulence

Review lecturer: Claude Bardos (review)
Presidents: Charles Doering and Edriss Titi
Scientific secretaries: Dmitry Kolomenskiy and Romain Nguyen van yen

Thursday, September 29th 2011

9-12 a.m. Session 6:
Geophysical Turbulence (final report)

Review lecturer: Roddam Narasimha (review)
Presidents: Herman Clercx and Joel Sommeria
Scientific secretary: Antoine Venaille

3-6 p.m. Session 7:
Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic Turbulence

Review lecturers: Bill Matthaeus and David Montgomery (review)
Presidents: Bérengère Dubrulle and Shigeo Kida
Scientific secretaries: Wouter Bos and Nobu Yokoi

7:30 p.m. Banquet, Bouillabaisse

Friday, September 30th 2011

9-12 a.m. Final session:
New Ideas and Perspectives (final report)

Presidents: Eberhard Bodenschatz, Charles Meneveau and Parviz Moin
Scientific secretaries: Romain Nguyen van yen and Samriddhi Ray

3 p.m. Farewell