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How to come

by The organizers - last update 22 September 2011

Address of CIRM

The address of CIRM is: 163 avenue de Luminy, 13288 Marseille Cedex 9.

Go to the Campus de Luminy, either by bus 21 or by taxi. Enter by the main gate and go to the end of the main avenue, then turn to the right following the indication CIRM.

The telephone of CIRM is: 04-91-83-30-00

If you have problems, please contact Kai Schneider on his cell phone: 06-72-46-80-70

If you come from the airport

There are two solutions.

- One can take a taxi (about 1 hour drive for about 80 € or more).
This is the most convenient option, but the most expensive one, unless several people travel together.
There is the possibility to order taxis in advance for a negotiated price of 70 €. To get one you should send a mail at <> with the title ’Book me a taxi’, indicating where you come from, your flight number, with your day and time of arrival.

- One can take the Shuttle Bus to Gare St. Charles (central train station in Marseille) and then take a taxi from there. The Shuttle Bus leaves every 20 minutes (at 10, 30, and 50 minutes after the hour, basically all day round). The bus ticket has to be bought at the counter before boarding the bus (bus stop and counter are in front of Terminal/Hall 4). The bus takes about 25 minutes and costs 8.50 €. The taxi from St. Charles railways station to CIRM-Luminy takes 25-30 minutes and costs about 40 €.

If you come from the railways station

There are two solutions.

- You take a taxi to CIRM-Luminy. It takes 25-30 minutes and costs about 40 €.

- You take the metro directly in the railways station. Go donwstairs, buy a ticket, then take line 2 (red colour) in the direction ’Sainte-Marguerite Dromel’ and get down at ’Castellane’. Go out of the station, cross the boulevard, take the bus 21 to Luminy and get down at the terminus. The ticket costs less than 2 € and you keep the same ticket to take the bus, since the ticket is valid one hour.

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