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by The organizers - last update 6 July 2011

Accomodation at CIRM

Participants will be accomodated at CIRM, in Luminy near Marseille, where the colloquium will be held. CIRM has only few rooms with one single bed, since most rooms are for shared occupancy with two single beds. Participants who prefer to stay in Marseille should book their hotel by themselves (see below a selection of hotels).

Voir sur le site du CIRM.

How to reach CIRM from Marseille?

Bus 21, which stops near the Old Harbour every ten minutes, reaches Luminy within forty minutes and there is then a ten minutes walk to arrive at CIRM. In the morning there is a faster way, using the metro from Old Harbor to catch the Jet Bus at the Rond Point du Prado, to reach CIRM within half an hour.

List of recommended hotels (by order of preference)

Hotels facing the Old Harbor

Hotel Alizé
Tel. +33-4-91-33-66-97
Fax. +33-4-91-54-80-06

Hotel Bellevue
Tel. +33-4-96-17-05-40
Fax. +33-4-96-17-05-41

Hotel La RĂ©sidence du Vieux-Port
Tel. +33-4-91-91-91-22
Fax. +33-4-91-56-60-88

Grand Tonic Hotel
Tel. +33-4-91-55-67-46
Fax. +33-4-91-55-67-56

Hotels not facing the Old Harbor

Hotel Hermes
Tel. +33-4-96-11-63-63
Fax. +33-4-96-11-63-64

Etap Hotel
Tel. +33-892-680-582
Fax. +33-4-91-54-95-75

Other hotels

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